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Our History

Our aim is to provide an independent professional prosthetic limb and orthotic appliance manufacturing service.

We specialise in all types of conventional limbs upper & lower limbs new builds & repairs. We have a keen interest in traditional methods from the type of rivet that should be used to the position of a rivet. We have on file a full set of original drawings for guidance. We have full machine shop facilities in house this allows us to accommodate the remanufacture of obsolete parts and create one off custom made appliances.

Our team has over 125 years of experience in all types of limb manufacturing ,from Machining Components, all types of leather work, vacuum infusion laminating, carbon fibre work, thermoplastic draping, metal work, Component design, hydrographic refinishing, customising limbs,

We pride ourselves on quality work building limbs to the original specification where ever possible.

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Paul Cowgill

Director of Bespoke Prosthetic & Orthotics Ltd

Working with prosthetic and orthotic appliances from conventional limbs to prepreg technology prior to starting BPO Ltd Paul was employed at Hugh steeper Ltd for 28 years as the central fabrication manager.


B C Rehabilitation opened for business in 1997.

Initially 30% of our business was conventional or hybrid prostheses. Paul Cowgill produced all our conventional prostheses and continues to do so today.

The work Paul produces is of an exceptional high quality. We find Paul to be a man of honesty and integrity and have no hesitation in recommending him and his company.

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